TRAD offers

a complete range of radiation trainings

and tailor-made programs.

Covered topics are:

  • Space radiation environment and OMERE software initiation
  • Dose calculation methods and shielding optimization, application with FASTRAD© software
  • Customer requirements analysis and specifications – RHA, environmental specifications, ECSS, applicable standards, etc.
  • Radiation effects on electronic components, test methods and SEE rate calculations (OMERE)
  • Radiation effects on materials, profile calculations and test methods.

These trainings objectives are multiple for you and your collaborators:

  • To understand and control the effects of radiation on components, systems and materials,
  • To react upstream and integrate solutions,
  • To analyze more precisely systems behavior in severe environments,
  • To understand customer specifications for systems qualification.

For whom?

    To OEMs, / subsystems manufacturers
    To satellite integrators,
    To the space agencies,
    To components and materials manufacturers,
    And in general, all professionals confronted to the radiation effects.