Thanks to its unique expertise in radiation, TRAD can assist you in analyzing the impact of atmospheric neutrons and alpha particles on your components, equipment or system.


We are subject to a neutron flux whose origin is linked to the interaction of cosmic particles – explosion of super Nova – with our atmosphere. This neutron flux is capable of traveling long distances and depositing charges in microelectronic devices and thus disturbing them – SEU, MBU, SET, SEFI – or even destroy them – SEL, SEB, SEDR.

Every active electronic component is concerned, but avionics is the first area affected as neutron fluxes are higher in flight – factor 100 and more – compared to the ground. But the same effects can happen on earth for example, in banking transactions, transportation, medicine, communication servers and many others. These effects are essential in insulin monitors, pacemakers, emergency response systems, ABS brakes, autonomous driving, intelligent traffic signs, smartphones, etc.

In order to better predict these events, TRAD offers assistance for:

  • Complete analysis according to your client’s specifications,
  • Radiation testing (if necessary),
  • Set-up solutions that takes into account these effects.

This customized assistance will help you to improve your equipment robustness.

We study on your behalf the following singular effects:

        • We study on your behalf the following singular effects:
        • SEU: Upsets
        • SEL: Latchup,
        • SEFI : Functional Interrupt
        • SET : Transient
        • SEGR : Gate Rupture, SED : Disturb
        • SEB : Burn-out
        • ASER (Accelerated Soft Error Rate Test)
        • SSER (System SER or unaccelerated SER test): -Natural radioactive flux / Several months for reliable statistics

    Our analysis and tests are carried out in compliance with the following standards:

    JESD 089A et IEC62396 Rev 1

We can also provide you with ANGEL, our singular event rate prediction software.

  • Prediction of the atmospheric neutron spectrum
  • SER prediction (neutron) from test results