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TRAD sets up in the United States

Since March 2023, TRAD, expert in radiation, has set up in the United States, and more precisely in Florida, with a new American entity TRAD Tests & Radiations Inc.


TRAD’s intention to establish a presence in America was accelerated by the company’s entry into the Florida-based HEICO group. Our presence in the U.S. is further enhanced by our collaboration with 3D Plus, already present in California for some ten years.

The creation of TRAD Tests & Radiations Inc. marks the development of new challenges for the Toulouse-based company, whose aim is to increase its visibility on this continent and build strong relationships with Americans.

This move is a new opportunity to offer TRAD’s various products and services not only in Florida, but throughout the United States. It’s also an opportunity to showcase FASTRAD, our flagship software for estimating the effects of radiation, R2 COTS, our “space ready COTS components”, and our radiative testing services (TID, SEE…) to new players in the space industry.


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