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ANGEL Software

Atmospheric Neutrons for Ground ELectronics

Whatever your electronic applications are (avionics, high reliability computer systems, automobile embedded system, missile…), single event effects due to atmospheric neutrons can lead to failures within your system. In order to evaluate the impact of the radiation environment on your equipment, ANGEL provides you with the easiest way to evaluate single event rates (SER).

ANGEL Software
Angel main window

ANGEL calculates a "worst case" environment in terms of neutron flux from the selected geographical data and estimates a Single Event Rate through to the component data.
The calculation of the neutron flux is performed using a E. Normand model and a Wilson-Nealy equation. The neutron flux result depends currently on longitude, latitude and altitude.

ANGEL also includes the IEC standard environment.

Neutron energy spectrum at 2.5km Weibull fit of your component data

The SER estimate is performed using the "BGR" method which allows you to estimate a single event rate due to neutrons using the heavy ion cross section of your component.

SER estimation

ANGEL is continuously improved and can be customized according to your own requirements.

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